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Days 36 and 37

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Day 33 Converse Love!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So It was brought to my attention today that I have not been posting my pictures on my blog site. Which is very true. I have a fan page on facebook as well and I have found that uploading pictures on facebook is so much easier than on blogger. The pictures start with the one I took for today and go backwards. (Sorry they uploaded that way) Some of them are from my trip to Haiti. I must confess that they are just an array of pictures that I selected from my whole folder of Haiti Pictures. I did not take one a day. Sorry but Life was crazy down there to say the least. :)

So the other thing I realized today is that if you're reading this you probally dont know too much about me as a person. I mean you know that I like taking pictures but what else do you know about me?? So I decided to post some random facts about myself. Here goes...
1. I am Short
2. I love Knoebles (Its an amusement park)
3. I work with all men. I have found that working with all men is less dramatic. However the men I work with do their best to be dramatic. :)
4. I hate scrapple
5. I own my own vehicle (Chevy Blazer) Which I paid for at the car lot with CASH!
6. I look very much like my father and get my of my traits from him.
7. I have been to Guatemala three times Haiti once and Canada two times. (All missions trips)
8. My Favorite color is Blue
9. I have quite a few friends but never seem to have anything to do on the weekends.
10. I wear glasses
11. I have red hair
12. I have blue eyes
13. I was born at an early age
14. I love tomatoes
15. I love meadow tea.

There that is 15 random facts about me that you probably didn't know before. Well I got to get off of this thing. Mom wants to go shopping. And why would I argue with shopping??? :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I'm posting two pictures because I can't decide between the two of them.